BASSWALL The ultimate Hide-Fi


BASSWALL The ultimate Hide-Fi


The Basswall 'Hero' Model. Special introductory price including FREE artwork. Choose your favorite from

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Basswall is a very high power, high quality sound system built to be invisible to the casual. The 'stealth ninja' of bluetooth speakers. Loud enough to shake a room, but a work of art when silent.


  • 200 WATT dual BTL, Class D amplifier
  • Bluetooth atpX connection for very high quality wireless music streaming  
  • SIX individual speakers in a 3 way crossover, 360 degree, stereo configuration
  • 240 or 110 volt world power, will work anywhere. Leads included. Standby mode, mute mode, full thermal and overload protection
  • Super fast install and easy wireless setup
  • No clunky apps.. listen to anything, Youtube, Podcasts, Audio books, Radio, iTunes, Spotify, Google music, Apple music, anything...
  • Works with any make or model of bluetooth phone, computer or tablet
  • Control the volume and EQ from your device for any setting
  • Fits standard large poster size (24x36 inches) (61 x 91cm)
  • for ANY artwork you like...
  • Basswall size: (40 x 28 x 4.3 inches) (102 x 72 x 11 cm)
  • Basswall weight: (50 pounds) (22 kilos)