Basswall is built with pride and includes these features:

  • 200 WATT dual BTL, Class D amplifier
  • Bluetooth atpX connection for very high quality wireless music streaming  
  • SIX individual speakers in a 3 way crossover, 360 degree, stereo configuration
  • 240 or 110 volt world power, will work anywhere. Leads included. Standby mode, mute mode, full thermal and overload protection
  • Super fast install and easy wireless setup
  • No clunky apps.. listen to anything, Youtube, Podcasts, Audio books, Radio, iTunes, Spotify, Google music, Apple music, anything...
  • Works with any make or model of bluetooth phone, computer or tablet
  • Control the volume and EQ from your device for any setting
  • Fits standard large poster size (24x36 inches) (61 x 91cm)
  • for ANY artwork you like...
  • Basswall size: (40 x 28 x 4.3 inches) (102 x 72 x 11 cm)
  • Basswall weight: (50 pounds) (22 kilos)

Ok, so how does it work?

Inside Basswall is a large cavity filled with a special sound damping material that actually reduces the speed of sound. This tricks the bass frequencies into thinking the cavity is much larger than it actually is. We then add a finely tuned bass port a full one meter away from the 2 bass drivers exponentially increasing the effect. Not many speakers have any single dimension of one meter or more but Basswall does as it's a painting :-) This makes for a dramatically full large speaker sound.

At the same time all frequencies above 1000 HZ are fired upwards from 4 drivers in the top of Basswall hitting the ceiling and back wall to spread in a 180 degree cone that amplifies and directs the mid and very high notes. (It's the same principle as putting your phone in a glass to amplify the built in speaker) but as walls are flat no unwanted secondary reverberation occurs and the sound arrives at your ears completely undistorted.

The resulting effect is truly magical. 

A final note on manufacture...

Basswall is created by skilled craftsmen in Europe to last for years. It is built to the highest standard and finished with pride. We make it fat, solid and strong so you can use and enjoy your Basswall's epic sound every day for years to come.